Examples of How I Help

Disclaimer: With regard to references to specific case results, each legal matter depends on a variety of factors unique to each case.   Past case results to not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.


Filing Back Returns:

Ray had been too busy to file tax returns and was surprised when the IRS sent him a notice saying he owed $16,453.   This wake-up call prompted action and just by filing, which entitled him to itemize his deductions, he was able to claim refunds in excess of $10,233.  Quite a Reversal!

Release of Garnishment:

The IRS was garnishing Greg’s wages because he owed $7, 340 in taxes, making it tough to get by.  Greg was depressed and afraid he would lose his job.  By applying for a hardship exemption, the IRS agreed to release the garnishment.  One year later, Greg’s financial condition improved and he agreed to make voluntary payments to the IRS on his terms.  What a difference a year makes!

Tax Audit:

Norma’s tax return was selected for Audit and she wasn’t sure whether to consent to the proposed assessment of $13,545 or fight.  By recategorizing some of her deductions disallowed by the IRS on Schedule C to Schedule A, she was able to save $4,345 in taxes and avoid hefty penalties.  She was glad she called!


CP 2000 Notice:

Rita received an IRS notice in the mail because she failed to include an IRA distribution on her return, resulting in taxes and penalties of $7,234.  By taking advantage of a provision in the law that exempts the early IRA distribution from tax, she was able to save $2,310.  She was glad she emailed me!